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  • Bascom Arizona Ventures Sells Arcadia Cove Apartments For $71.5M

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  • All Cash - Harbor Closes Distressed Foreclosure Sale

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  • Harbor Closes Distressed Liquidation Sale in 25 Days

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  • Real Estate Briefly: Bascom Group Acquires Torrance Apartments

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The Bascom Group Honored at National Philanthropy Day - 11/17/16

David Kim of The Bascom Group accepted the award for Outstanding Corporation or Business, Small at the Philathropy Day gala in Orange Couty on Nov. 17th, 2016. This award was given to Bascom for continued commitment to non-profit organizations in the area and for cultivating a spirit of philanthropy within the company culture.

Andrew Newton - Panelist at the Fall Urban Land Institute Conference - 10/28/2011

The annual Fall ULI Conference brings together leaders from every sector of the real estate development industry. This particular multifamily investment panel discusses significant trends the market is experiencing and how investors are underwriting acquisitions today. An outlook and different perspective into today's investments, what seems to be working and what isn't.

Lee Nguyen - Panelist at the Multi-Family Executive Conference - 9/15/2011

This highly specialized workshop was designed to help you create the most effective Management and Operations budget possible for 2012 and dramatically improve your return on investment! These industry experts will share the latest efforts and initiatives that you should be budgeting for in the coming year and why; how to fine-tune your forecasting, and proven budget stretchers that will help you do more with less.

Lee Nguyen - Panelist at the Multi-Family Executive Conference - 10/5/2010

The 2010 Multi-Family Executive Conference generated topics and forums for interests ranging from distressed assets to property management. This particular panel, “The Return of Rehab – Maximizing the ROI of Value Add Projects When Rent Growth is at a Premium” compared current and future rehab work that could help increase a project’s monetary value. Panelist, Lee Nguyen from the Bascom Group, and 3 other members looked at their own portfolio of work and shared tactics that helped boost their returns and properties ROI.

Jerry Fink - Panelist at Lido Conference - 2/24/2010

On February 24th - 25th, Lido Consulting, Inc. held their 5th Annual Investment Symposium at the Beverly Hills Hotel. This two day seminar provided attendees with panel discussions, advising on investment options and asset allocation tips. This Real Estate Market Outlook Panel was moderated by Gary Mozer of George Smith Partners, and panelists Jerry Fink - The Bascom Group and AmCap Incorporated - Jay Kaiser. They reviewed the current outlook for the real estate market with emphasis on how the credit crisis has created unprecedented opportunities for real estate investors.

Chad Sanderson - Panelist at the Los Angeles Realshare conference 10/8/2009

Apartments 2009, the leading networking event for the multi-family industry, presented attendees with an outlook for the remainder of 2009 and into 2010. Topics included interest rates, acquisition requirements, financing, operations, and much more. Featured speakers came from all sectors of the real estate industry. This particular panel on distressed assets included: Jess Bressi - Luce Forward, Taylor Grant - California Real Estate Receiverships, Troy Jones -Transaction Real Estate, Scott Lee - LTVentures, and Chad Sanderson -The Bascom Group.

David Kim - Panelist on the California Apartment Market Summit 2/16/2010

The California Apartment Market Summit, sponsored in Newport Beach-CA, was a look into 2010 market trends and forecasts. This particular panel, themed "Operating in a Down Market" was a guide to successful operating methods in terms of marketing and advertising, revenue growth, and expense reductions. Panelists included: Craig Rooney - Riverstone Residential Group, David Kim - The Bascom Group, Steve Gilmore - Shea Properties, and Stephen Winsby - Pinnacle.